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About In The Spirit Consulting

In The Spirit Consulting is owned by Stacey Friedlein,  Stacey has more than thirty-three years of small business experience.  ITSC was founded in 2004 to extend his ability to assist small business owners in maximizing the success of their business.
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About Stacey Friedlein...

  Stacey began in business at the very young age of eleven when he had his first paper route and the entrepreneurial spirit was lit in him. He opened his first business in 1977 at the age of sixteen, a portrait photography studio. He operated that business for eleven years before beginning his career in sales, marketing, consulting and public speaking.

  Since 1992 Stacey has worked with small business owners, helping them develop successful marketing strategies, effective pricing structures and in developing their business plans.

  He has also done extensive teaching, sharing his insight and business knowledge on the national level as an Approved Business Instructor and Studio Management Services Consultant for the Professional Photographers of America.

  Also active in his church as a lay minister, Stacey has had a strong desire to combine his business teaching and his faith life to bring a faith based perspective to business through his teaching and consulting.

  In answering what he believes is his calling to use the gifts he has been given—speaking and teaching—he began In the Spirit Consulting in 2004.

  In the Spirit Consulting’s mission is—Helping you realize the potential of your passion. It is designed to help small businesses and individuals discover and get the most out of their gifts and In turn help them become more successful professionally, financially and personally.