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Lustgarten Foundation
In The Spirit Consulting Charitable Giving
PPA Charities
Boy Scouts of America
My father died January 28, 2012 of Pancreatic Cancer.  From his initial diagnosis to his passing was just seven months.  By supporting this organization I am hopeful they can find a way to early detection and ultimately to a cure.  
All that we have and all that we are, are gifts from God

With that understanding we are committed to give back from these gifts.

Giving back is at the core of the ITSC mission and purpose. It is our pledge to tithe our gross profits and our time. This means we will not only support charitable organizations financially, we will also give ten percent of our time to charitable causes.

 Some of the charities we support

This organization is the charitable arm of the Professional Photographers of America and provides funding  so children with cleft pallets can have the surgery necessary to give them a 'Smile' among other charities.
Stacey is an Eagle Scout and has been actively involved in Scouting for the past forty-three years.