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In The Spirit Consulting offers a variety of seminars and workshops to assist the small business owner and their managers. Following is a list and short description of each. These classes are available to business groups and organizations or individuals may attend any of our ITSC Seminars. See our schedule below for upcoming classes. Request more information 

The Purple Egg 
6 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd 

Creating an identity for your business is essential to helping your potential clients understand who you are and what you have to offer. In marketing vernacular it is called creating a USP or Unique Selling Proposition. The marketplace is overcrowded and noisy making it essential for your business to find ways to rise above and be heard.

In this two hour program we will discuss the importance of creating a unique identity for your business. In addition, we will share the need to seek out untapped markets and to create distinctive products which attract clients and increase sales.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Know your market. There is gold in them there hills if you know where to find it. 
  • Dare to be different. Be a Purple Egg.  
  • Find an under-served niche. Be where they are not.  
  • Exploit your uniqueness. You are the business of choice. Tell your clients why
  • Market against your competition, mount a counter offensive.  
  • Do the unexpected. Make your clients experience memorable.  

In a crowded and competitive market place you have to create an identity which will capture the attention of your prospective customers. We will explain how to utilize the steps above to make your business the “Purple Egg”.  

Planning for Success! Surviving and Thriving in a Crazy Business Climate 

  This isn’t your mamma’s business plan. In today’s business environment it is essential to have a plan for your business. Specifically for the small business owner, it is essential to understand your business and create a plan for how you will operate your business. You will find this is not a program for the weak at heart. Stacey is very passionate about helping small business owners find the reasons they are in business and bringing those things to the surface.  

There will be very frank and meaningful discussion on why they are in business, what they want to get out of their business and what they want their business legacy to be.  

In this program, Stacey will show listeners how to create not just a “Business Plan” but also a management plan, which will help them navigate the difficult waters of small business ownership. He will begin by getting to the fundamental reason they chose to get into business. In this process he will help draw out the listeners passion and core values and translate them into a vision for their business. Then Stacey will guide them through the process of taking those core values and creating personal and business goals.

From these goals he will show how to begin laying out a business plan, which reflects their core values and leads them to realizing their goals. These goals will be implemented into the marketing and financial portions of the business plan.  

The program will move into a discussion of how to create and implement a marketing plan, which reflects the owner’s business purpose and supports the financial plan. It is the marketing plan, which drives and supports the financial plan. 

As the financial plan is discussed, Stacey will help listeners understand how their financial goals are realized and how they are a reflection of the goals they created at the beginning of the process. 

  Students should leave this class with a good understanding of the core components of the business plan. More importantly they should leave with the realization their business plan is a reflection of who they are and what they want to achieve in their business. 

Be About the Business of $ucces$ 

  This program will offer a candid and objective insight into marketing and promotional development. Stacey has lectured extensively on market planning and developing promotions that work for the small business. Marketing is everywhere; we just need to know where to find it. Stacey will help open your eyes to seeking out marketing opportunities. He will also outline the need for effective promotional planning. There are five keys to marketing the successful small business He will discuss each of the keys and help the listener define a plan of action that will lead them to marketing success. 

Stacey’s natural style of story telling and motivational appeal will keep the audience entertained and focused on the mission of helping them become more successful. The full program can vary in length from 4-8 hours.  

Stacey also offers a brief overview program that is 2-3 hours in length. Each program will give listeners a whole host of ideas that they can immediately implement in their businesses. These programs are designed to lead the listeners to “Be About the Business of $ucces$!”  

Market Planning Workshop 

  The Market Planning Workshop is a great follow up to the above program. It can be offered as a part of a two-day seminar. The workshop takes all of the tools from the first day program and applies them to practical small business use. Stacey will actually guide small business owners through the initial steps of making their market planning calendars and send them home with a plan of action for implementing a year round marketing plan tailored for their business. 

Regain Control of the "Tail Wagging the Dog" 

Creating Management Systems 

Are you overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work related to operating your business? Does it seem like the business manages you, instead of you being in control. This program will help you understand how to create order in the chaos of your business operation. 

Accepting the importance of managing the tasks related to operating a successful business is essential. Establishing systems for your various business operations can help streamline your workflow and prevent oversights as you become more organized. This program will cover: 

  Understanding the elements of a system 

  Working with a systems worksheet. 

  Identifying established systems. 

  Creating systems to manage workflow. 

  Identifying job functions with systems. 

  Managing your marketing with systems. 

Attendees should leave this program with a good understanding of how to identify and create systems to improve their businesses' productivity. 

Be About the Business of $uccess! 

Creating a Market Planning Calendar 

Developing a well thought out plan can make the difference between failure and success in developing your marketing. A planning calendar can help you manage your business's advertising and promotions. Giving you a detailed timeline of tasks related to achieving marketing productivity. This program will cover: 

  Annual Planning Getaway 

  Laying out a marketing calendar 

  Scheduling planning days. 

  Developing successful promotions. 

  Selecting the correct form of advertising. 

  Creating leads from your current clients. 

  Evaluating the success of promotions. 

Listeners should leave this program with a foundation to build a solid market plan based on a structure to manage their marketing plan 

Goal Setting--Planning for Your Future $ucces$ 

You need to have a roadmap to get to the destination called success. Through the process of goal setting you can establish markers for your journey to a more successful and happy life. This program will help you to identify the needs for goals. This program will cover the following. 

  Who is your Competition? 

  Defining $ucces$ and how do we achieve it. 

  Helping you find where are you on the road to success. 

  Setting realistic and attainable goals. 

  Creating a Mission Statement. 

  The importance of a Business Covenant. 

  Making good use of your time through time management. 

Attendees will leave with an appreciation for the value of their time and talents and how they can best use them to achieve their goals. 

  Contact us for program availability and fees for the above programs. 

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