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ShaukuMoto are Swahili words which translated mean Passion Fire. It is in those words which we find the purpose for this new division of our business. For the past several years Stacey Friedlein has been consulting and teaching business management and marketing principles to small business owners.  

What set him apart from most business instructors and consultants was his desire to help his students and clients dig a little deeper into what motivates them to be in business. In asking such questions as why are you doing this? What motivates you? What excites you? along with helping them identify their talents and strengths he has found many lack the understanding of their natural gifts.

These natural or God-given gifts are the basis for success in all of us. Finding those things we do well, developing them into useable qualities and sharing them in our vocation and everyday life is part of the mission of ShaukuMoto. Above that, however, is teaching individuals to honor God with their gifts. To create a ShaukuMoto within them which leads them to happier, more fulfilled lives.

We have created a ninety minute live presentation suitable for churches, civic and fraternal organizations, school groups or business organizations. In this presentation we will:

Lay out the steps in defining spiritual gifts.
Share ways to validate those gifts.
Explain how to use their gifts to accomplish their goals, serve God and live Happier lives

If you would be interested in learning more about this program or any other ITSC service or product please contact us at or call 208-733-8297. We look forward to hearing from you.

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